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Medical care of the population of Oshmyany district is carried out by the health care institution
"Oshmyany Central district hospital (hereinafter - Oshmyany CRB): 
 Oshmiany, St. Boronska, 35.

 Telephone / Fax reception 8 (01593) 77883,
 chief medical officer 77824,
 chief accountant 77226,
 personnel division 77525,
 E-mail: Oh.

   The structure of the institution includes: 1 hospital for nursing care (AG. Murovannaya Oshmyanka), 7 outpatient clinics, including 4 outpatient clinics operating on the principle of a General practitioner, 13 first-aid obstetric points, a dental clinic, a Central district hospital with a polyclinic.
   In the Central district hospital there are reception, infectious, surgical, therapeutic, children's, neurological, maternity and intensive care departments, emergency medical care, blood transfusion, medical rehabilitation and clinical diagnostic laboratory. On the basis of maternity wards since 1997, acts on the perinatal level II center for assisting pregnant women and new mothers Oshmyany, Ostrovets and Smorgon districts.
    A cozy day hospital, a Department of medical rehabilitation with well-equipped physiotherapy rooms and a hydrotherapy room are very popular among patients.
   667 people work in health care of the district, including 96 doctors and pharmacists (they are certified for qualification categories of 70.7%), average medical workers – 284 (they are certified for qualification categories of 73.2%).
    In recent years, diagnostic rooms are equipped with a full set of endoscopic equipment, a modern ultrasound machine with the ability to study the heart and blood vessels, a set of functional diagnostics, including Holter monitoring . Two modern x-ray machines and a mammography unit have been installed. 
   The dental clinic provides dental treatment and prosthetics using modern materials, implemented methods of dental implantation. Here paid services are provided at the request of patients, including nonresident residents and foreigners, at government rates. Paid services are also provided in all structural units of the Central district hospital. 
     The clinic is receiving on 21 specialties, arranged an appointment for the doctor for multichannel phone 77060.