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Department of Economics of Oshmyany Regional Executive Committee
231103, Oshmyany, ul. Sovetskaya, 103 tel. 43218, fax 43299,
Opening hours from 8.00 to 17.00
except weekends and holidays
lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00
    The Department of Economics carries out regulation and management in the sphere of development and implementation of social and economic policy of the Oshmyany district. In his activity, deputy chairman of the Oshmyany district executive committee                     Lyutkovskaya G.S. is accountable.
Employee Contacts:
Savrinovich Elena Anatolievna     Head of Division    42169
Tarasyuk Anastasia Ivanovna    Deputy Chief    43218
Gladkaya Anastasia Nikolaevna     Chief Specialist    43299
Harevich Grazhina Maryanovna    Chief Specialist    42170, 43218
The development of the industry is based on the following types of economic activity:
manufacturing industry,
mining industry,
production and distribution of electricity, gas and water.
The industrial potential of the region is represented by the food industry enterprises: "Oshmiany Meat Processing and Packing factory" (production of sausages, smoked products, meat products, semi-finished products, beef and pork fat, beef skins, endocrine raw materials), "Oshmiany Cheese –Мaking Plant" (production of hard cheese and cream butter), JSC "Belkofe" (production of coffee and coffee drinks, seasonings and spices "Veles", etc.), JSC "Golshansky starch plant"                                                                               (production of dry top grade potato starch), "Oshmyansky yeast plant" branch of JSC "Yeast Plant" (yeast baking, etc.).
    The mining industry in the district is represented by the JSC "Torfobriquet factory Oshmyansky" (production of briquettes of fuel, peat fuel milling) and the branch of the gravel-sorting plant "Boruny" JSC Dorstroyindustriya (production of non-metallic building materials: gravel crushed stone,
crushed stone-gravel-sand mixture, gravel, construction sand 2 classes).
In the field of production of machinery and equipment JSC "Radiotekhnika" carries out its activities. The company produces automotive tractor lighting devices for various purposes, various kinds of connectors with voltages up to 850V and current strengths up to 600A, more than 140 modifications, various sensors (speedometer sensors, temperature sensors), power switches, and fastening elements for handrails inside bus salons, as well as trolleybuses , trams, as well as components for the subway.
    Oshmyany district enterprise of housing and communal services specializes in the production of heat and electric energy, water supply, waste collection.
    The existing trade infrastructure already allows you to provide a variety of trade services for residents and visitors of the area. As of 01.01.2018 in the Oshmyany district there are:
- 219 retail facilities with a sales area of 16.4 thousand square meters;
-12 pharmacies with a sales area of 371.3 square meters;
- 8 filling stations with a sales area of 466.6 square meters;
- 50 public catering facilities with a total of 3005 seats, including 24 public objects (1156 seats);
 - 3 shopping centers with a sales area of 469 square meters;
 - 3 markets with a total of 227 trading places.
    Trade services in the district are carried out through the stores of the largest retail chains: consumer cooperative - through 52 retail trade objects with a total area of 5809 sq.m., the Eurotorg Ltd. (Euroopt) trading network through 4 retail trade sites with a total area of 660 sq.m., LLC "Parfyumtrade" (trading network "Mila") through 2 retail facilities with a total area of 167 sq. M, PUE "Zapadchimtorg" (the "Clean Island" trading network) through 2 retail sites with a total area of 338 sq. M, Premier Market LLC "(" Domashniy "trade network) through 3 retail facilities with a total area of 617 sq.m.
As of January 1, 2018, there are 186 operating medium, small and micro organizations in the Oshmyany district and 546 operating individual entrepreneurs. In 2017, 79 individual entrepreneurs and 11 commercial organizations were registered.
The range of activities of commercial organizations is broad: the scope of trade and services, the provision of transport, construction services, maintenance services for cars and trucks, the production of decorative products from artificial stone for interior and landscape design, woodworking, the production of confectionery, bakery products and canned meat , production (assembly) of furniture and windows, etc.
Services sector:
    On the territory of the district on January 1, 2018, there are 123 business entities providing household services to the population, including 109 individual entrepreneurs and 14 legal entities. The most widely represented services are hairdressers (34 hairdressers), repair and maintenance services for vehicles (18 workshops), services for the manufacture and repair of sewing and knitted goods (7 objects), repair of electronic equipment and repair of watches (8 objects), repair and (3 objects), shoe repair (6 objects), photos (3 objects), rental points for wedding dresses and evening dresses (3 objects).
    Household services in  countryside  are provided by 7 integrated reception points of the Oshmyanyi unitary public service enterprise "Oshmyany-Byt", which offer 11 socially important types of household services at the request of the consumer, and 25 objects belonging to other business entities.
Information services, communication services, transport:
    The Oshmyansky electric communication center of the Smorgon Zone Telecommunication Center has completed the project "Construction of networks using the xRN technology", which is based on the development of multiservice telecommunication networks and infrastructure construction using fiber-optic communication lines, television broadcasting using various technologies and methods of delivering a television signal to the consumer: terrestrial (terrestrial) television broadcasting, IP-television, television broadcasting using Internet-tehnology.
    The regional postal center provides 32 types of postal services and 44 types of non-core services: postal international departures, departures within the Republic of Belarus, postal parcels, EMS Belpost, express courier, financial, insurance services, etc.
    Branch "Automobile Park No. 13 in Oshmyany" JSC "Grodnooblavtotrans" carries out passenger transportation, in Oshmyany district it serves 30 routes, including 6 city, 21 suburban, 2 intercity, 1 international from the bus station in Oshmyany.

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